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The Board

Guild Master Oliver

My heart beats for strategy and party games of all kinds. I like the social aspect of getting together and chatting in games like Dixit, The Resistance or King of Tokyo.

But every now and then I want to get my grey cells smoking. Then, for example, Kemet, Yedo or Android: Netrunner come to the table.

I think that games should be fun when you lose - good examples are cooperative games like Eldritch Horror and Robinson Crusoe.

Treasurer Adrian

I prefer to play cooperative games or games where winning is not the first priority (at least not for me, Hehe :)). The best is when the chaos becomes maximum. For a round of Galaxy Trucker, Xia, Robo Rally or Space Alert I am always available.

Chronicler Henri

I love to play cooperative games like Zombicide or This War of Mine. But I also like to hit my opponents with strategy or deck building games. At the moment I’m most enthusiastic about Tyrants of the Underdark.

I can also be found in the world of tabletop. Since about a year I play Warhammer 40k, Blood Bowl and Necromunda. In addition I paint the figures (which is not my greatest strength).

Playing for fun and with my friends is very important for me, winning not as much.