The Gilde der Nacht promotes the gaming hobby in and around Lucerne. We organise lots of events all year round where you can make new friends and get to know many great games. Why not come by and say hello!


As a member of the association Gilde der Nacht you do not pay any event fee at our regular game events.

The membership fee for the year 2020 is 50 francs. For teenagers and children under 16, membership is even free.

Interested? Talk to us at one of our events or write us via our contact form.

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The first Gilde der Nacht association was founded in late autumn 2011 by 4 passionate Magic: The Gathering players and our events quickly developed into a popular meeting place for players from the region. 3 years later we realized that Magic isn’t everything (don’t get us wrong, Magic is a fantastic game - but sometimes we feel the need to make each other’s lives hell with plastic miniatures or, thanks to some ingenious party game, wet our pants while laughing).

This is how a second association was created under the name of Element 15. As this also rapidly grew in popularity, we decided to merge these two associations on 9 May 2015 and set ourselves the goal of making everyone happy; whether magic, strategy, party or role-players.